(nose - doc)  Roger N. Danziger, MD

Trees:             January through April

Weeds:           August through November

Grasses:        May through October

Mold:              All year  (increased in humid weather)

Pollen grains are microscopic particles that are produced by plants in Florida. Pollen grains and mold spores can "float" for 10 to 15 miles or more so you do not need to see a certain plant to be allergic to it. 

There are three basic seasons in Florida. Tree season
is from mid - January to April. Grass season is from May to October and weed season is August through November. Despite this you can occasionally see tree, grass and weed pollen in other seasons.

Mold is present all year long in Florida and is usually increased during the hot / humid summer and after rainy periods. 

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